Welcome to the Pesticides Manufacturers and Formulators Association. We are a non profit organisation which operates as a resource for the pesticides industry around the world. Promoting innovations & environmentally sound used of protection products so as to ensure high quality abundant food, fibre & other utilizing crops for the growing populations in the Indian sub-continent.

About Us

The objective of the Association is to promote understanding of the Pesticide Industry (Crop Protection) to Society and coordinate the activities of the members of the Association in order to :

  • Achieve an effective representation of the industry and its cooperation with other related Associations.
  • Government Organisations such as :
    To liase and interact with – various Govt. Organisation and Industry Association.
    To promote the judicious use of Crop Protection Product and Integrated Pest and Crop Management systems.
  • Circulate various important publications circulars to the members.
  • Training & Conference : Time to time Association organises Training Programs, Seminars on various subjects – Safety, Formulation Technology, Quality, Environmental aspects. Association also organises biennial Asia Pacific Crop Protection Conference (APCPC)