About Us

The objective of the Association is to promote understanding of the Pesticide Industry (Crop Protection) to Society and coordinate the activities of the members of the Association in order to :

  • Achieve an effective representation of the industry and its cooperation with other related Associations.
  • Government Organisations such as :
    To liase and interact with – various Govt. Organisation and Industry Association.
    To promote the judicious use of Crop Protection Product and Integrated Pest and Crop Management systems.
  • Circulate various important publications circulars to the members.
  • Training & Conference : Time to time Association organises Training Programs, Seminars on various subjects – Safety, Formulation Technology, Quality, Environmental aspects. Association also organises biennial Asia Pacific Crop Protection Conference (APCPC)

Brief History

PESTICIDES FORMULATORS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA (PFAI) came into existence in the year 1967 with a view to provide a platform for small scale Pesticides Formulators. It was subsequently changed in 1997 as Pesticides Manufactures & Formulators Association of India. The members of PMFAI include multinationals, large-medium and small scale basic manufacturers & manufacturers of intermediates required for Pesticides. The Association represents the Pesticides Industry on a national basis with a strength of over 250 members. The mission of PMFAI is to include basic technical grade manufacturers of pesticides to foster the interest of general public & PMFAI’S members by promoting innovation and environmentally sound use of crop protection/public health products so as to ensure high quality, abundant food, fibre and maintenance for growing population in Indian sub-continent.

Crop Protection History

The Chemical Industry in particular the Agrochemical and Petrochemical, has experienced a great boom. Today the Indian Pesticides Industry takes pride in being the largest Pesticides Manufacturer in South East Asia. It is also a leader amongst producers of Genuine Molecules. With liberalisation, Indian Pesticides Manufacturers are capturing International markets and also increasing their market share in Domestic market.


To liase and interact with – various Govt. Organisations and Industry Associations PMFAI has been regularly providing an effective platform for the Indian Pesticides Industry and its policy makers to interact with each other and evolve meaningful solutions to their difficulties. Thus PMFAI serves the National and International needs to promote the export and import of various Chemicals of Crop Protection and Promotes the growth of Indian Crop Protection Industry.

Trade Delegation

PMFAI is aware of this new phenomenon and to meet these new challenges of the millennium PMFAI has programmed to take a delegation of Indian Pesticides Manufacturers & Formulators on a visit to Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong & Bangkok through its Members, Enterpreneurs, Key Executives from private sectors and Officials of Govt. Organisations, various Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Scientists and Technologists to promote better bilateral understanding between Indian Pesticides Industry and its counterparts on the other side. The Association also receives trade delegations from other countries. Such activities result in mutual benefits.


PESTICIDES MANUFACTURERS AND FORMULATORS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA (PMFAI), Association activities include organising successful three Asia Pacific Crop Protection Conferences with the support of Industry, National and Internationals Publishers, Universities, Research Institutes & Associations to help the members for their export promotion.

International Scientific Collaboration

Generation of Scientific data, protecting registration of Generic Compound in EU countries for that we have collaborated with the Huntingdon Life Sciences, UK. This will enable members to join the task force for registering their products in EU countries.

Training Programme

PMFAI also organises various training programmes and seminars for the Indian Pesticide Industry and also circulate to members the recent developments as regards to regulatory affairs which are time to time changed by State and Central Governments.